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500 Strong Magnets and what they are Utilized For


We offer a variety of choices, whether you’re looking for a powerful fishing magnet to find gold nuggets the bulldog magnet that can hold the door shut. Each magnet has a powerful pull and comes with a comprehensive health and safety guideline.

Neodymium Magnets

They’re incredibly strong magnets and are an essential component in many electronic products. From motors for audio to other equipment with high performance and high-performance, they can be found in an array of products. These are also found in MRI scanners as well as electric vehicles and wind generators.

They can be nearly 1300 times more powerful than their own weight. They’re made from neodymium and boron. This material can be made into a wide range of dimensions and forms. It’s also extremely

The production process for magnetic neodymium is known as sintering. It compresses raw materials to temperatures below their melting point in order to create a strong block of magnetic material that exhibits great magnetic properties. The magnetic properties of the neodymium iron-boron compound is defined by the chemical composition of the compound and the heat it is subjected to during sintering.

Additionally, due to its endurance as well as its strength, neodymium iron-boron is cheap. It is less expensive than other rare earth elements like lanthanum or cerium which are also important to making permanent strong magnets.

This makes it a great alternative for producers, because it allows them to reduce costs while still maintaining super strong  magnets. Toyota has created a revolutionary neodymium, iron, and boron type magnet with identical coercivity, temperature resistance and strength as previous magnets however using 50 percent less in neodymium.

The future is that neodymium-iron-boron will play a significant role in the production of electric vehicle motors which are becoming increasingly popular. The demand for neodymium magnets will rise in other industries such as wind power. The result will be a rise in demands for the product and it will have an impact on market cost.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets

We carry a selection of samarium cobalt magnetics that are the most commonly used magnets with high power used. These magnets are made using the sintering of vacuum powder and sintered in standard disc, ring, and block shapes. These magnets can be cut into smaller magnets or ground using diamond grinding tools to tighter tolerances.

The capacity of samarium-cobalt is lower than neodymium, but they are still extremely powerful and can be utilized for numerous applications. They are used in motor windings, sensor magnets and holding applications.

Buckyballs and other high-power magnets

CPSC has received 22 reports of children inhaling magnets with high-powered ball bearings since 2009. The Magnets dangle from children’s toys or are included in construction sets and could cause serious injuries in the event of swallowing.

This is why CPSC has advised consumers of the use of magnets in toys and other products designed for children younger than 14 years older. Additionally, CPSC is asking toy manufacturers who manufacture these magnets to stop selling them.

Adhesive Magnets

Adhesive magnets are different from the ferrite magnet, can be formed to fit a variety applications. They can be used in art projects to stick frames, close doors to cabinets and even adhere other objects.

They also provide a great alternative to hot glue and superglue since they can be shaped into different designs and are stronger. They can be used to secure small items, such as business cards or notebooks.

These are also very useful in construction as they can be used to close cabinets and also to keep things tidy on work surfaces.

We are a renowned UK supplier of magnetic products. We also offer a wide range of magnets including rare-earth magnetics, cobalt-samarium and magnetic magnets.

Contact us to request a quote. We offer a wide assortment of magnets that can suit your needs.

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